How to become an SEO Analyst

SEO is one of the marketing branches which the start-up and corporate organizations will focus on. SEO or organic traffic will acquire a maximum share in the overall traffic of any of the websites.

SEO Analyst job is the stepping stone for a career in the SEO domain. As an SEO Analyst, you will perform multi-tasks related to the on-page, off-page, and some of the technical aspects of the SEO. We will jump into the details further.

What is an SEO Analyst?

SEO Analyst is the one who owns a set of pages in the organization or a corporate company and he/she will take complete ownership on end to end tasks to make the owned pages rank better on Google and Bing.

What does an SEO Analyst do?

As an SEO Analyst, your day will start with checking the page performance of the pages that you own. He/she must have the list of at least the top 5 keywords for which the pages are ranking in the top 3 positions.

Example: If you are owning a baby diapers page of an ecommerce company. This page will be having top 5 keywords such as:

  • baby diapers online
  • baby diapers for newborn
  • baby diapers reusable
  • baby diapers washable
  • baby diapers cheap

The above keywords are the top 5 keywords you can consider as top keywords and take the necessary steps to rank the page for the above-targetted keywords.

Few instances for the well-known brands have the brand included keywords search such as:

  • baby diapers Walmart
  • bay diapers amazon

You cannot rank organically for these keywords unless you are the SEO peer of these big ecommerce companies 🙂

There are another set of keywords for which the user searches for manufacturing company keywords such as:

  • baby diapers pampers
  • baby diapers Huggies
  • baby diapers Himalaya

These keywords are your secondary keywords for which you have put a lot of focus on to rank in the top 3 positions. Since the competition will be too high.

An SEO Analyst, you have to provide suggestions to your senior on the burning issues on the page such as Meta title tweaks, Meta description keyword optimization and if required, the page level keyword optimization.

The job description of an SEO Analyst

SEO Analysts play a vital role in the SEO team. They will act as both team players as well as the individual performer.

Role of an SEO Analyst

  • He/she is the first phase to understand any Google Algorithms updates.
  • They will prepare the document and share it with the team about the update SEO guidelines and make the team understand and act based on it.
  • They will do regular competitor research and provide the suggestion to the seniors on the backlink profile of a competitor and on-page changes they have done recently.
  • SEO Analysts also takes part in the content marketing team and prepare synopsis for content creation.
  • They will report to the Web development team regarding the bug on the page and fix the burning issues on the website.
  • SEO Analysts are the key traffic generators for a website. They will take part in the Social media activities as well to boost the newly released article pages.

Responsibilities of an SEO Analyst

  • SEO Analysts need to be up-to-date with the latest updates.
  • Be up-to-date with both white hats, black hat, and grey hat SEO techniques.
  • They should be good at data analysis and reporting through Excel.
  • They need to prepare a detailed SEO strategy report and present it with their seniors.
  • They should be able to write strong call-to-action for both Meta title and meta description.
  • SEO Analyst should do a competitor analysis and have a strong link building strategy.
  • They should have the ability to analyze the keywords and SEO techniques used by the competitors.

How you can become an SEO Analyst?

To become an SEO Analyst, you should be well prepared with a basic understanding of how does the SEO works.

To start with, you can either create and manage your Blogspot page or you can purchase and host a domain in any of the services provides such as GoDaddy, BigRock, etc. and write whatever you are good at. Example: Automobiles like cars, bikes, or Electronic Gadgets like newly released mobile phones or whatever you good at. You choose a topic and check it in the Google Keyword Planner or and understand the search volume for the keyword you use.

Example: If you want to write an article on “SEO Analyst”. You can choose the topic as we have chosen “How to become an SEO Analyst” your target keyword is “SEO Analyst“. When putting this keyword on the keyword tool it pops up a result like below.

Source: Ahref

By this, you understood the term “SEO Analyst” has the search volume of 5300 searches every month.

You can build the content according to the target keyword.

Before you start the blog, it is recommended to go through an online SEO certification training course that helps you to take further steps with regard to your blog site.

How much salary you can expect as an SEO Analyst?

According to, a fresher SEO Analyst can earn 174K per annum, and 1 to 2 years experience can expect a salary of 303K per annum according to the Glassdoor.


At last, becoming an SEO Analyst required proficiency in all the aforementioned skills. It is necessary for the peer who is looking to start their career in SEO should have a basic understanding of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML programming languages with the mathematical background also have an advantage of the analytical mind.

Anyhow, the more effort you put into acquiring the skills, the better you will be placed in a deemed company with a decent pay package. So, invest in yourself and hone your skills with time.

Harsha VC is a freelance writer. He is a MA English graduate from the reputed university of India. He writes on different topics on automobiles, banking, travel guides, and organizational roles and responsibilities.