How to become an SEO Expert

SEO Expert or SEO Specialist is another step ahead of the SEO Analyst role. After earning a decent experience as an Analyst, you will be either titled a Senior SEO Analyst or SEO Expert/ Specialist based on the performance you have shown to the organization.

This SEO Expert requires advanced-level knowledge and skills that you earn in the tenure of Analyst role. We will discuss all the necessary skillsets that require to be an SEO Expect further.

Who is an SEO Expert?

In your previous role as an Analyst, you may have acquired a few of the skill sets such as data analytics for reporting, meta title, meta description copywriting and providing the content synopsis to the content marketing team.

As an SEO Expert, you have to put your hands into the technical part of SEO. You don’t have to become a coding ninja to become an SEO Expert but the basic understanding in HTML is essential for you to become an SEO Expert.

You might have wondered, Why HTML is required for an SEO professional? Yes, it is required to have a basic understanding of HTML because Google doesn’t look like a human does. Google bots/ Google crawlers look at your site codes. If you have a bit of knowledge in coding, it is helpful for you to be more confident while talking to the web development team to give the requirements on the technical aspects of SEO and also to understand the parsing issues that shows on your Google Search Console (GSC) report and take a quick action looking at the errors.

What does SEO Expert do?

As an SEO Expert, you will be handling 5-6 members of the team of Analysts based on the volume of the team size in your organization. SEO Expert will manage these team members on their day to day tasks and give inputs by his/her previous experiences as Analyst to the pages which are poorly performing and provide them the optimization hacks.

An SEO Expert also conducts daily scrum meetings to understand how well his/her team members are occupied their day and give suggestions if the team member is facing any issues.

SEO Manager will be his/her usually reporting hierarchy in any of the organizations. SEO Experts will closely work with their reporting manager by debating with them to sharpen their skills in technical SEO.

SEO Experts should not only have their expertise in the on-page, off-page and technical part of SEO, they should also develop their skills in other digital marketing aspects like writing web content and web design.

SEO Experts spends most of their time to find the high volume keywords which have low competition and looking into the poor performing pages of his/her team members and give inputs to where and how to insert the target keywords into the webpage content.

Copywriting skills is one one of most important aspect the SEO Expert has to be proficient because for the existing pages and for new pages, his/her team member will provide a rough draft of the SEO meta tags to include in the page. But, SEO Experts should give the final OK for the suggestions and handhold the Analysts group to make them good at copywriting.

As mentioned before, SEO Experts should also have to develop their skills in other digital marketing aspects, another aspect is video marketing. An SEO Expert will provide the copywriting suggestions to create infographic and GIF images for a Graphic Designer and suggests to insert the iframe of their YouTube videos from their official YouTube channel. Also, provides the low hanging keywords for their YouTube team to create videos and YouTube articles.

As said, technical SEO plays a prominent role in the job of an SEO Expert. They should know the impact that brings on the table by making technical aspects of SEO strong even it is small or big.

Last but not least, SEO Experts should have to be updated with the SEO trends and at least 50% of Google ranking factors. Also, they need to keep on brushing up their mind by reading the blogs related to the search engine updates and most importantly Google algorithm update.

The job description of an SEO Expert

SEO Expert is the one who will face the client in any of the organization either it could be an in-house or a marketing agency.

Role of an SEO Expert

  • SEO Experts should develop managerial skills because they should be well and prepare for the next role as an SEO Manager.
  • Should give a complete strategy of ranking the page in the first 3 positions of the SERP.
  • They should do a complete comprehensive analysis of the competitors and provide suggestions to the Analyst team.
  • Daily track of the GSC report and Google Analytics reports and keep the line by line performance of the page compared to the previous day.
  • They should have presentation skills to the manager and analysts on key ideas that can give growth to the SEO efforts.
  • SEO Experts also need to have interviewing skills because they will involve in the hiring process for internship and SEO Analysts.

Responsibilities of an SEO Expert

  • SEO Expert should handhold the Analysts team.
  • They need to take end to end ownership on the webpages they own
  • Keep up-to-date with the Google updates and SEO trends
  • They should have a high level thought process mindset
  • They should keep on brushing up their mind on the ideas and present it to the higher management with the impact that can bring by deploying their idea
  • It should be always results-oriented. They should give the actual outcomes of the SEO efforts to the clients without agreeing to the blind numbers.

How you can become an SEO Expert?

If your career journey has already started in the field of SEO, becoming an SEO Expert is not a long way to go. But, how soon you can become an SEO Expert is the most important thing that you should think through.

Depending on how well you can tune up your skillsets in your tenure of being an Analyst will help of being an SEO Expert.

Well, for that matter getting certification training in an advanced SEO course could be the game-changer of becoming an SEO Expert soon.

How much salary you can expect as an SEO Expert?

According to an average salary that an SEO Specialist/Expert can earn up to $52K. Also in India, according to Digital Vidya, the salary of an SEO Specialist is 25K to 35K per month.


At last, becoming an SEO Specialist/Expert should have proficiency in all the abovementioned skillsets. People who have the mindset of switching the job will benefit you of being an SEO Expert. But the answer is NO. That might be the shortcut but will not benefits in the career in the long run.

It is needed for you to develop skillset from day one once you enter into the field of SEO. Sharpen your skills and move forward. All the best.

Harsha VC is a freelance writer. He is a MA English graduate from the reputed university of India. He writes on different topics on automobiles, banking, travel guides, and organizational roles and responsibilities.